Cossi Costruzioni - La Storia Cossi Costruzioni established originally in 1976 as partnership, heir and continuator enterprise of the Building Firm "Ettore Cossi", father of the current president, Mr. Renato Cossi.

It has born here, in Valtellina, fifty years ago, the idea that the teaching of the past, the valorisation of what can be preserved must have a place within the big works of today.

In 1983, having reached larger operational dimensions, the enterprise became a limited liability company.

In those years the enterprise improved significantly, applying itself fully to its territory through ground defence and anti-avalanches works, hydraulic regulation works, restorations and landslide consolidations, continuing and increasing its private and public building activity, together with the realisation of civil works, bridges, streets and tunnels.

Cossi Costruzioni - La Storia In 1990 Cossi Costruzioni became a joint-stock company and in the same year the Liri Grup was founded, composed by several companies operating in the building sector and similar, and controlled by the company Liri S.r.l. (limited liability company).

The last decade marked deeply the life of the company thanks to the "debut" within the big public works with significant momentum and together with the main Italian building enterprises.

Among the works that have been realised - and are still being realised - by Cossi Costruzioni we would remind the repair of the Mont Blanc Tunnel damaged by the fire raged on 24th march 1999, the realisation of the High Speed Railway between Milan and Bologna, the enlargement of the motorway Milan - Naples on the stretch Orte-Fiano Romano, Trieste High Road System, the doubling of a stretch on Genova-Ventimiglia railway, the accomplishment of four tunnels on Catania-Siracusa motorway, and three tunnel lots on Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway.

Cossi Costruzioni - La Sede The large expansion registered mainly during the last five years allowed the company to be placed among the first thirty Italian building enterprises.

As of 28th July 2000 the company has been conferred the certificate that the Quality Management System had been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the quality standard ISO 9001, with respect to the planning and construction of civil and industrial buildings, road buildings, underground constructions and all forms of excavation and special construction.

As of 23rd October 2000 the entreprise has been conferred the attestation of the qualification for the realisation of public works SOA (Attestation Institution Company), which allows the company to attend unlimited-amount advertised biddings for the following categories: OG01 (civil and industrial buildings), OG03 (roads, motorways, railways, bridges, viaducts, etc.), OG04 (underground art-works), OG05 (dams), OG8 (river - defence - hydraulic - and reclamation works), OS01 (earthworks), OS21 (special structural works).

As of 19th December 2008, "Società Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua S.p.A.", a subsidiary subjected to the management and coordination activities of Ferfina S.p.A, has bought 55,01% of Cossi Costruzioni S.p.A. share capital.